Re: cppflags and make files

"mlimber" <>
28 Jun 2006 09:48:29 -0700
<> wrote:

I am trying to learn C++ using "Thinking in C++" from Bruce Eckel. I
have installed cygwin and GNU make on my windows XP. The samples are
working fine.

I am trying to understand the makefile, say for Chapter 02 and I have a
few questions:

1. Where is the value set for CPPFLAGS as it is not being set in

2. How do .exe files get created? I don't see a rule for .exe! My guess
is that there is some implicit rule which does it. I tried to run "make
-p" but didn't see any mention of .exe. If so, where can I see this

These are platform-specific questions that are not related to the topic
of this newsgroup, viz. the C++ language proper. See this FAQ for what
is on-topic here and for a list of groups that might be more relevant
(you'll want a Cygwin or other UNIX-related group):

<OT>On Cygwin, if your input file is called a.cpp, the object file will
be a.o, and the executable will be a.exe. However, cygwin is emulating
UNIX, which doesn't have an extension for executables like DOS/Windows.
So, it is sometimes synonymous to call "a.exe" simply "a", as in a

Cheers! --M

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