Re: Distinguish OS at compile time

"Alf P. Steinbach" <>
Sun, 16 Jul 2006 00:24:59 +0200
* JCR:


I need to write somethign like
  do that
if MAC
  do this

Any Macro that can do the job? Should it be compiler specific?

In addition to Robbie Hatley's replies, see <url:> for a list of such macros.

Also, an alternative and often better scheme is to provide platform
specific implementation files, place them in their own per-platform
directory, and select the relevant one at build-time or even
installation time. This moves the issue from being a language issue to
being a build-tools or installation-tools issue, and provides more clean
and maintainable code. However, that doesn't work nearly so well with
compiler-specific code, because you don't want to duplicate essentially
the same code (which would reduce instead of increase maintainability).

Thus, for compiler-specific code some macros like those above can be
necessary, although their effect should (ideally) be centralized, not
peppered around in source files; relevant compiler-detection macros are
listed at <url:>.

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