Re: Error C2535 With vector ("member function already defined")

"Carl Daniel [VC++ MVP]" <>
Mon, 21 Aug 2006 22:03:33 -0700
Swen Johnson wrote:

Doh ! The Include directories look like this:


$(VCInstallDir) and $(FrameworkSDKDir) are both:

"C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2003\Common7\IDE"

And (of course ?) there ain't no include files there.

I brought up a "Visual Studio .Net 2003 Command Prompt", and typed
"set"; I
got the following relevant variables:

[ snipped environment ]

I guess I can fiddle the Include directories in
"Tools|Options|Projects|VC++ Directories". Is that the "best" way to
fix things ?

I'm not sure where the IDE gets the base values for those macros, but it's
odd that they're wrong. You can probably get things going by simply
replacing the macro invocation with the correct path, but I'd guess that
there's something messed up with your VS2003 installation that may cause
other problems down the line.

What do you see in the registry at


I see a ProductDir REG_SZ that's the correct value of $(VCInstallDir) on my
system. I'm don't think that's where the IDE gets the directory from, but
if that registry entry is similarly wrong, that would definitely be
indicative of a messed up installation.


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