Re: Using fstream on of FC6 using gcc. what am I doing wrong?

"Maxim Yegorushkin" <>
29 Dec 2006 04:15:30 -0500
jjcp wrote:

I would like to say thanks in advance for insight anyone can shed on
this for me.

Long story short from time to time I need to us C++ to take a list of
file and make an index out of them in html. for this I use fstream both
for input and output. So, i have a simple file that I just change few
things on and I get the output formatted to what I want.

So I installed FC6 on my home system and get out my handy usb drive
because i needed my magic source file:


My problem is compiling this file since I upgraded(?) to FC6 from FC5. I
am using gcc version 4.1.1 20061011 (Red Hat 4.1.1-30) without any
tweaks or changes from a std install.

When I run:
[charowl@localhost *****]$ gcc stuff.cpp


and nothing happens. Is my complier broken, my code?


either way it would be nice to know. I have tried using every example
of how to do this that google could find for me on fstream, and now I
ask you. thanks -josh

You are using a c compiler to link c++ code. When linking, g++ by
default links to lstdc++, gcc does not. Link either with g++ or gcc

They can provide you with more details in and

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