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From Beginner :
With Visual C++, there're 3 ways to create Windows Applications. One of
these is by using Windows API (Application Program Interface).

Are you sure you want to use this API, it's kind of a dying API, MS is
trying to more over to the .Net framework and if you are just starting
to learn you might want to go for that (unless you have any specific
reason to use Win32).

Also Windows Data Types are used to specify functions parameter types
and return types in windows API.
Windows Data Types are many as : HANDLE, HBRUSH, LPHANDLE ... etc Now
all the types used by windows are contained in a header file "window.h".

 > So we must include this header file when we put our window program

together. The Question is : How can I get this header file???

I'm not sure that bohemistanbul's advice works unless you have the MS
Platform SDK installed, but even if it does you might want to download
and install it since it contains a lot of useful documentation and examples.

By the way, these kinds of questions (which are concerned with platform
specific topics) are off topic here and are better answered elsewhere
(like the microsoft.public.win32.programmer.* groups), however if you
have any questions regarding C++ programming in general this is the
place to ask.

Erik Wikstr?m

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