Re: Problem with Rational Quantify

James Kanze <>
24 Apr 2007 01:19:55 -0700
On Apr 23, 9:05 pm, "Achava Nakhash, the Loving Snake"
<> wrote:

I just had Rational PurifyPlus installed on my PC (running Windows XP)
and would like to use the Rational Quantify part of it to profile a
piece of code that I was given. We all use Microsoft Visual C++ 2005
around here, and Quantify is supposed to integrate with the IDE. When
I try to run Quantify without using the IDE, I get an error message
tat !Qmvrt.dll cannot be found, although I had no trouble finding it
with a bunch of other dll's in a file whose name ended /cache. It did
not help to re-install. I seem to be able to run it from withing the
IDE, but the Quantify toolbar is unavailable, so I don't know how to
analyze the results. I have never seen this tool before and the
documentation available seems pretty limited.

Any ideas about what to do, anyone?

Contact IBM support. That's what you paid for.

James Kanze (GABI Software)
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