Re: Locating build-in functions

James Kanze <>
4 May 2007 01:19:32 -0700
On May 3, 10:27 pm, desktop <> wrote:

Marcus Kwok wrote:

desktop <> wrote:

I am trying to find the build-in function find() in the C++ STD but I
don't know where to look. Where are the standard library functions loc=


std::find() is in <algorithm>.

But where is that located?

In the standard library. If you invoke the compiler as a C++
compiler, and it is correctly installed, the compiler usually
takes care of the rest of the details. (The one exception I've
encountered is VC++, where you have to set environment variables
such as %INCLUDE% to tell the compiler where things are.)

The reference I usually use for the Standard Library is Dinkumware's:

But it seems that they only show the declarations and not the whole

So? That's not your problem. The definition may change from
one implementation to the next anyway. (I don't know about
std::find, but the definitions of things like std::vector
definitly change, even depending on compiler options.)

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