Re: Script and c++

 James Kanze <>
Wed, 01 Aug 2007 07:43:18 -0000
On Aug 1, 7:22 am, faz <> wrote:

I want to know how to compile and run a c++ code using scripts( .do
file).Do i need to modify the code to run.I have already tested my
code its working fine in vc++6.0.I just wanted to have script support

It depends on the scripting language you use, but in general,
there should be no problem. (I tend to use gmake for this, but
it's a lot more than just a scripting language, since it handles
dependancies, etc.)

FWIW: if you are using VC++, you are doubtlessly under Windows.
The default script language there is not very powerful, so you
might want to look into alternatives: there are several ports of
bash or the Korn shell, or you could use perl (if you're a
masocist) or python. Also, I don't think that the installation
procedure for VC++ correctly sets up the environment; you'll
probably have to manually add some entries there. (On the other
hand, Microsoft's documentation concerning this is very good.)

And also: you should update: VC++ 6.0 is very, very old and out
of date.

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