Re: where does it make business sense to use C++ instead of java?

Alberto Ganesh Barbati <>
Sun, 25 Nov 2007 18:15:48 CST
Bart van Ingen Schenau ha scritto: wrote:

I realise that java and C++ can be put to work on the same problems
but it seems to me that in those cases it makes more business sense to
use java. The skills there are more available and cheaper. Plus the
solution is likely to be more portable (threads, networking, sockets,
locks and other synchronization primitives etc etc), and there are std
classes and plenty of open source libraries to make people very
productive very quickly (e.g. JDBC, apache commons logging etc).

The choice also depends very much on what is available on the target
For desktop and server systems, you can select a language based on the
programmers you have available for the job (or some other, similar,
For many mobile phone platforms, your only choice would be Java (micro
edition), because that is the only way to use thrird-party software on
those platforms.
For other (semi-)embedded platforms, such as PDAs and smartphones, your
best choice would be C++, because that is what gives you the broadest
set of system APIs. Some of those devices may not even come with a JVM

I develop videogames on game consoles, i.e. the Nintendo/Microsoft/Sony
beasts including the portable ones. There just isn't a JVM on those
platforms. And even if there was, I would never ever write a videogame
in Java. Whatever you do on those machines, you have to squeeze every
bit out of them, if you want to be competitive. With Java you simply
cannot do that. No way. Most of the times we even have to sacrifice C++
features like RTTI and exceptions because we cannot afford the cost! At
least we stopped using C... (not long ago, actually)

Of course Java has a place in business, but so is C++. Any statement
like "it makes more business sense to use java" simply means that your
knowledge of what is business is very limited.

Just my opinion,


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