Re: wcout, wprintf() only print English

James Kanze <>
Tue, 26 Feb 2008 00:59:44 -0800 (PST)
On Feb 25, 2:08 pm, Gerhard Fiedler <> wrote:

On 2008-02-24 10:51:32, James Kanze wrote:

Also I have MS Visual C++ 2008 Express installed.

Under Linux ! :-)

Linux::VMWare::Windows::VC++2008 Express.

Thanks. I'll give it a try myself. (Of course, the
executables it generates will also require VMWare to run,
but it will allow at least verifying that my code compiles
with VC++ before trying to port it to Windows.)

How will the generated executables require VMware to run?

How will they not? VC++ will certainly still produce a Windows
executable, not a Linux executable.

If you generate executables in such an environment, they'll
run on any of the Windows platforms supported by your code and
compilation, whether under VMware or not.

If I had a Windows platform handy, I'd run VC++ on it. If I
have to run it under VMware, it's because I don't have a Windows
platform available otherwise.

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