Re: GCC: generate ARM assembler

Rolf Magnus <>
Wed, 07 May 2008 22:36:30 +0200
Glenn M??ller-Holst wrote:

arm-elf-gcc -S source.c

Maybe before playing with assembler you may check some magical utilities
like: ... man ... info ... ;-)

Hi Laurent

Very funny. PS: I am rather new to gcc and make:

#info arm-elf-gcc
(a lot of non-informative information)
# man arm-elf-gcc
No manual entry for arm-elf-gcc

Does work here. Maybe your installation is incomplete. You could also try if
arm-elf-man exists.

The documentatation is bloated with options:
- and this just for gcc - what then about arm-elf-gcc?

arm-elf-gcc _is_ gcc.

That was why I thought it was better to ask here.

Actually, it's not. What does ARM assembler have to do with the C++
programming language? Also note that this newsgroup is not about any
specific tools, but only about the language itself. A better newsgroup
would be

Where is the best place for option "-S" in the makefile?:

This is even more off-topic.

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