Re: Read Office Files from C++.

Victor Bazarov <>
Mon, 19 May 2008 16:15:19 -0400
miztaken wrote:

actually i have posted there as well and the group seem to have very
less activity as it may occur to me.

What if you need a recipe for a peach cobbler and the place where you
think you should be able to find it, is deserted (pun intended)? Do you
come to the electricians' newsgroup to see if anyone who has some
experience installing electrical ovens can help you?

Here is a story for you:

One cloudy night there was this man, standing on all four, feeling the
pavement with his hands, apparently looking for something on the ground
under a bright street light. Another man stops and asks, have you lost
something? Oh... My car key, I just dropped it, says the first man. So
the other man joins in and also starts looking around, trying to locate
the key. After a couple of minutes the second man asks the first one,
where exactly were you standing when you dropped the key? Over there,
says the first man and waves his arm towards the gates at the dark end
of the street about a hundred feet away. Then why are you looking here,
for crying out loud? Well, *here* I can actually *see*!

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