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Victor Bazarov <>
Thu, 10 Jul 2008 12:46:04 -0400
<g55ecd$d5$> wrote:

I need help on my mini project on object orientated programming. The
question goes like this:
A mini-mart has just installed a bar code reader to improve efficiency
at their checkouts.
Assume that the bar code is to access a file that store the product
descriptions, unit price
and quantity of each product sold in the shop. Assume that there are
only 10 products in
this mini-mart.
The format of the product stored in the file is shown below :
Barcode : a text string of 4 numeric character
Product description : a text string of 20 characters
Unit price : a floating point value
Quantity : an integer
Design the necessary classes and member functions to achieve the
following tasks :
a. Read the list of products available in the mini-mart from a text
b. Allow user to enter the bar code of a product via keyboard and the
purchase during check out.
c. Display the product description, unit price, quantity and the total
cost of all the
products bought by a customer.
d. Update the quantity of each product in stock after a purchase is
e. Write the bar code and product description to a text file if the
level of stock is less
than 10.
f. Continue the program until user press a ?Q? to exit.

Please enlighten me on how can i start to write the program?

Every program should contain the 'main' function, so you can very easily
start to write your program by typing the following in your text editor:

     int main()

If that's not a satisfactory answer, perhaps you should be more specific
on what it is that gives you the _real_ problem. If you have no idea
how to begin at all, perhaps you should talk to your instructor/teacher?

Do you understand the requirement "design the necessary classes"? Which
out of the 6 requirements are unclear? Why do I have to ask you those
leading questions?

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