Re: need help in object orientated programming

James Kanze <>
Fri, 11 Jul 2008 02:20:21 -0700 (PDT)
On Jul 10, 6:46 pm, Victor Bazarov <> wrote: wrote:

I need help on my mini project on object orientated
programming. The question goes like this:
A mini-mart has just installed a bar code reader to improve efficiency
at their checkouts.
Assume that the bar code is to access a file that store the product
descriptions, unit price
and quantity of each product sold in the shop. Assume that there are
only 10 products in
this mini-mart.
The format of the product stored in the file is shown below :
Barcode : a text string of 4 numeric character
Product description : a text string of 20 characters
Unit price : a floating point value
Quantity : an integer
Design the necessary classes and member functions to achieve the
following tasks :
a. Read the list of products available in the mini-mart from a text
b. Allow user to enter the bar code of a product via keyboard and the
purchase during check out.
c. Display the product description, unit price, quantity and the total
cost of all the
products bought by a customer.
d. Update the quantity of each product in stock after a purchase is
e. Write the bar code and product description to a text file if the
level of stock is less
than 10.
f. Continue the program until user press a ?Q? to exit.

Please enlighten me on how can i start to write the program?

Every program should contain the 'main' function, so you can
very easily start to write your program by typing the
following in your text editor:

     int main()

If that's not a satisfactory answer, perhaps you should be
more specific on what it is that gives you the _real_ problem.
If you have no idea how to begin at all, perhaps you should
talk to your instructor/teacher?

Even before that (and before worrying about whether he can use
std::string or not), he should probably start by doing some
design. Trying to determine what classes may or may not be
necessary, for example. Obviously, some classes will be needed
to represent the different data. I'd start there, and then try
to define the interactions between them, either adding behavior
to the existing classes, or adding additional classes with
behavior to manage the relationships. (There are one or two
points in the specification which are vague, of course, so he'll
probably have to ask for more information. Just like in the
real world:-).)

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