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James Kanze <>
Wed, 21 Jan 2009 00:35:24 -0800 (PST)
On Jan 20, 12:10 pm, Ian Collins <> wrote:

Maxim Yegorushkin wrote:

On Jan 20, 9:37 am, James Kanze <> wrote:

On Jan 20, 8:51 am, Ian Collins <> wrote:

MN wrote:

Is there any command to type in the command line in order to
get help of C++ standard functions under Linux (let say
Centos 5)?


It shouln't be necessary, if you have a good C++ compiler,
installed correctly. Under Solaris, "man -s 3c++ find_if", for
example, returns the manpage for std::find_if (if Sun C++ has
been correctly installed, and you've set up your MANPATH
correctly for it, of course).

Under Solaris there are two standard C++ libraries: the
crappy old non- standard one and stlport.

Pre-standard, not non-standard. And neither are very good.
(I'm not sure about the STLPort, but the RogueWave library is
not their latest version, by far.)

Which library does "man -s 3c++ find_if"
refer to?

The copyright is Rogue Wave.

If I remember correctly, the old crappy one doesn't have

It does. I use it all the time.

The major problem with the old library is that it represents a
version that was finalized before compilers supported member
templates or explicit specification of function template
arguments. So the interface is somewhat constrained. There
are also one or two bugs; the only serious one I've encountered
makes ostrstream unusable. Other than that, it's a complete
implementation, very usable.

The STLPort that Sun delivers has a lot of bugs, some of them
(in locale) very serious. On the whole, it's worse than the
Rogue Wave version. But it does implement the interfaces which
use member templates or depend on explicit function template

Neither are anywhere near the quality of the g++ or Dinkumware
libraries; neither ofter debugging checking, and both use
typedef's to pointers for the iterators in string and vector.

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