Re: compiler gives me error message " boost/smart_ptr.h: No such file or directory"

James Kanze <>
Wed, 29 Apr 2009 01:01:06 -0700 (PDT)
On Apr 28, 11:03 am, Gert-Jan de Vos <gert-> wrote:

On Apr 28, 9:41 am, James Kanze <> wrote:

On Apr 27, 8:35 pm, Gert-Jan de Vos <gert-> wrote:

On Apr 27, 8:26 pm, Pallav singh <> wrote:

while compiling the following code my compiler gives me error messa=


" boost/smart_ptr.h: No such file or directory" . do i need to giv=


some comiplation option for it ...such as where to find header file

Try: #include <boost/smart_ptr.hpp>

That shouldn't change anything. The standard says that when
using #include "...", if the search fails, the directive is
reprocessed as if it were #include <...>.

.hpp rather than .h might make the difference..

Using the correct name of the file is a requirement, yes:-).
I'd missed that you'd changed the name of the file, as well as
changing the form from "..." to <...>. (And generally, if Boost
is correctly installed, you probably should consider it part of
the "implementation", so <...> would be more appropriate.)

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