Re: ActiveX web instalation

"Scot T Brennecke" <>
Sat, 30 May 2009 18:36:14 -0500
"Uli Kunkel" <> wrote in message news:gvo9vi$557$

SvenC wrote:

Hi Uli,

"Uli Kunkel" <> wrote in message news:gv6fss$2a3$

I have a test activex dll which works if I install it manualy (regsvr32).
I want to be able to install it via web page but it doesn't work.
No meaningfull error is displayed except "Automation server can't create object" when I try to
load it.

Here is the object tag from the page:
<OBJECT ID="activex" CODEBASE="http://localhost/TestPage/"
CLASSID="clsid: 471C8773-E3A3-409D-9C8C-B27D00AFAFB0">

Maybe this link helps:


Thank you very much. I saw this article before but I didn't follow it completely.
I tried that control and it installed.
I guess the problem is in "Safe Initialization and Scripting for ActiveX Controls" code added to a

I have another question.
Does anybody know if and how the activex control can be upgraded with a user account that doesn't
have administrative privileges?

You might want to look into "Registration-free COM":
Registration-Free Activation of COM Components: A Walkthrough:

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