Re: C++ programming challenge

James Kanze <>
Thu, 18 Jun 2009 03:02:59 -0700 (PDT)
On Jun 17, 12:19 pm, Ioannis Vranos <> wrote:

Peter Jansson wrote:

I think some clarifications should be added to the contest,
because the current rules are too vague.

1. Your program should be case insensitive when it counts

Define case insensitive. Does '=E9' map to 'E' or '=C9'? (And what
about the fact that '=E9' is the two byte sequence 0xC3, 0xA9 on
my Linux boxes?)

2. The program should be written using Standard C++98/03
(C90/95 code can be usually converted to valid C++ code
easily, by using casts), so that it can easily be compiled and
run on various platforms. This also permits the code
submissions to be tested by Peter Jansson with the same
compiler (g++ (C++03)@ubuntu).

G++ won't compile C++03, or even C++98. At the very least, if
he wants the code to compile with g++, he'll have to ban export.

And of course, he needs to state which version of g++ is to be
used as a reference. Every time we upgrade to a more recent
version, we have to fix a few things.

3. The code must be absolutely portable, that is to compile
and run on all C++03 compilers, without requiring the
installation of additional software/code. This implies e.g.
that no other libraries than the standard library can be used,
but for example OpenMP can be used since it works on compilers
supporting it and is ignored on compilers not supporting it
(note: I do not know OpenMP).

And how do you verify this? (Also, of course, "export" is part
of C++03, but very few compilers implement it.)

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