Re: new system64 cloned from old vista 32

"Mark Rae [MVP]" <>
Thu, 1 Oct 2009 00:44:23 +0100
"mainframeguy" <> wrote in message

[please don't top-post]

Can it be done. ....

What did they tell you in the Vista newsgroup(s)...?

Mark, come on if you know the answer advise me where i can find it.

This newsgroup, as its name suggests, relates to the Microsoft .NET

Your question relates to restoring a Vista installation - nothing whatsoever
to do with the .NET Framework.

I was a consultant and had every job in IT except Help Desk.

So you will already know that your question has nothing whatsoever to do
with the .NET Framework, i.e. you're posting in the wrong newsgroup

Which is why I asked you what they told you in the Vista newsgroup(s).

I'm guessing from your response that you haven't posted in any of the Vista

Generally speaking, people get far better responses to questions by posting
in an appropriate newsgroup...

Mark Rae

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