Re: some bugs in VS2010 RC

"Bo Persson" <>
Wed, 3 Mar 2010 17:34:52 +0100
Michael Goldshteyn wrote:

"Mycroft Holmes" <> wrote in message

Hi all,

we have a large template-based set of headers; they are pretty much
standard compliant and we cross-compile with VS2005, VS2008, the
intel compiler and some versions of gcc. A few days ago we tested
VS2010 RC and we found the following problems: ...

Wow! MS is refusing to fix this bug, saying it does not meet their
"triage bar." I would strongly recommend that anyone who uses the
Visual C++ compiler go to the following link and up-vote this bug
so that it gets fixed before VS 2010 RTM is released:

I don't think you can get anything less than a super MEGA-bug fixed
between an RC and an RTM. Something like formatting the harddisk or
accidentally installing Linux.

In your case, I believe there is a workaround in using a pointer to
function in place of the function itself. Hardly worth stopping the
release while waiting for the real fix.

Bo Persson

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