Re: Creating a 64-bit build configuration

Ulrich Eckhardt <>
Wed, 17 Mar 2010 10:04:41 +0100
JY wrote:

I need to build a 64-bit application (and cannot use a 32-bit one with
WOW64 for certain reasons).
What are the configuration options (in Project Settings) that I need to
use when building such an application. Basically, how do I create a x64

What VC are you using? I'll assume VC8 for now, simply becaus that's what I
have here...

In the "Build" menu, there is an entry "Configuration Manager". There, you
have the solution configuration and solution platform. In the platform
dropdown, you simply select "new" and chose the according target, for which
you must have an SDK installed.

Now it gets a bit hairy: Copying the settings from an existing one or using
empty settings is both not 100% what you want, though the difference
between vanilla win32 and MS Windows CE might be greater that between win32
and win64, so YMMV. In any case, if it fails, you can also create a new
project and import the existing sources. If that worked, you can lateron
merge the two vcproj files by hand, they are just XML files.

Good luck!


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