Re: vs 2008 crazy compile errors (desperate!)

Alex Blekhman <>
Thu, 17 Jun 2010 10:29:08 +1000
On 17-Jun-10 2:25, lcplben wrote:

What have I done wrong? How can I fix it?

It looks like your include directories are mixed up with other version
of VC++ (maybe older version?) or Platform SDK headers or whatever. I
think you need to uninstall everything and ensure that there are no any
leftovers from the installed products:

1. Uninstall VC++ and all its companion parts (SQL Server, Office dev
tools etc etc).

2. Uninstall Platform SDK, if present.

3. Manually check remaining folders in %ProgramFiles% location. Delete
everything related to VC++.

4. Manually check system and user environment variables for any
leftovers from VC++ and its parts (SQL Server, for example, etc..).
Delete them, if present.

Basically, just remove VC++ as thoroughly as possible without damaging
your system, of course. If you have Windows 7/Vista you can probably
roll back to restore point before VC++ installation. I am not sure about XP.

Then install VC++ again. Here's the useful trick I always do after clean
VC++ install. Go to VC++ include and source folders and set read-only
attribute for all files there. Then, during debugging session if you
accidentally change system file, IDE will warn youand won't let you save
it. Also, go to IDE settings and uncheck "Allow editing of read-only
files; warn when attempt to save" option.


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