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Wed, 4 Aug 2010 11:07:14 -0700 (PDT)
On Aug 4, 3:27 pm, "Alf P. Steinbach /Usenet" <alf.p.steinbach> wrote:

* James Kanze, on 04.08.2010 16:19:

On Aug 3, 9:02 pm, Ian Collins<> wrote:

On 08/ 4/10 06:41 AM, Balog Pal wrote:


My other pain is debugger -- is the world really stuck with gdb?

Most Linux devs are happy with it.

I never cared much for it, but now that I have to use Visual
Studios... The Microsoft debugger has to be the worst I've seen
to date.

How so? It's about the best there is.

Except that it doesn't offer anyway of seeing most of the
information you need. In my experience, it almost always shows
the value when you want the address, and vice versa.

Until recently gdb couldn't even trace into constructors,

Where "recently" means some time before 1992. I've never had
any problem tracing into destructors with it.

and it's generally erratic,

This was a problem for a long time; as soon as they'd get it
working with some version of g++, g++ would change something
which would break it again. It's not been a problem recently,

while MS' debugger is dependable.

Sort of. As long as you compile in the default debug mode.
A number of the problems I've had to debug didn't appear in the
debug mode.


There is a different mindset amongst Unix/Linux developers and
windows developers which does make the transition form one
environment to the other difficult.

 From experience, however: the Unix developers I know who work
under Windows generally have CygWin installed. And are
considerably more productive than the expert Windows developers.

Most Windows developers have *nix tools installed, including
a *nix shell.

CygWin has it all in one package but isn't very good (really).

It's improved a lot recently. It could be better, but it's
quite usable.

James Kanze

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