Re: Grumble...

"Balog Pal" <>
Fri, 6 Aug 2010 14:36:59 +0200
"Alf P. Steinbach /Usenet" <>

I still didn't get the point from the last round: what is supposed to be
so compelling about the unix toolbox on windoze?

For example, many C and C++ libraries can't be (practically) installed
without having *nix tools for the installation process: the install script
requires those tools.

That's pretty compelling to me. :-)

I'm getting more and more confused.

So let's say I work on some C++ project, that uses some libraries. They
were decided by someone, installed by someone else, added to the build
system outside my work too.

Then in turn, your competency assessment will depend on whether some of
those libraries happen to use certain tools at the moment or not. ;-o

I view it as leftovers from evolution. And they are IMO like the
std::string, generally awful in every way, but it can be expected to
exist in many basic configurations, also you can expect familiarity.

But if a particular environment has *better* stuff? Even if not better,
just more native, should win over, it capable to do the job.

Does using Borland's version of grep on DOS counts as using a unix tool?
Or more interestingly, what about using 'find in files' from Total

Or even better: that in Visual Studio?

If Alf counts the last one IN, then there's harly much to talk about. If
it is OUT, I'm interested why would using the suboptimal version count
as sign of incompetency.

(The mentioned toolset was borb what, 25 years ago? Hope no one believes
there are no better alternatives emerged for any particular workflow on
any platform widely used by programmers...)

Regular expressions are seldom the answer...

That is irrelevant, the question is whether the mentioned tol usage counts
in or out for your purposes, please pick one. ;-)

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