Re: environment productivity

Balog Pal <>
Fri, 08 Mar 2013 11:25:50 +0100
On 3/7/2013 9:10 AM, Jorgen Grahn wrote:

Unix versus (other) IDEs has been discussed continuously for as long
as I can remember, and it never leads anywhere.

I don't agree with that -- I was in several such discussions and learnt
about a plenty of tools and methods I overlooked or was too skeptic to
try harder. Guess I'm not alone with that.

Also I saw many false claims shot down.

It's near impossible
to find someone who knows both worlds well enough to have a useful
general opinion, and if such a person exists she can't prove it to us.

The point is IMO not switching environment right ahead (that is normally
hindered by many factors) bu to converge to a more productive work in
time. (I.e currently I work on windows again, but last times I worked on
linux I always looked around to find some productive environment - just
to get disappointed again and again. Maybe the next time I'm there it
will change due to people answer my questions. ;)

Personally: my workflow combined with a decent Unix environment
doesn't feel limiting. And I don't think it's because my brain is
wired in an unusual way. Can I switch to an IDE and change my
workflow to become even /less/ limited? No idea; it would take years
to find out, and I'm not prepared to make that huge investment with
an uncertain outcome.

I don't get this -- just because I launched an IDE or a multiwindow
smart text editor never stoppped me to run a few terminals, command
lines, tools, whatever if I needed them. I do prefer them being
integrated, but if the integration is handicapped I rather use the
external thing. Or go out for advanced tasks. (As an example: we have a
Git Provider plugin that integrates into VS and is in theory great:
shows status on the solution tree, pending differences with source code
navigation, even an interface channel to access GE and tortoise. But in
practice it uses an old and bad access engine to git (at least it was
the case a year ago) that slows down everything having a big project;
also hashas a tendency to lock git stuff from other tools. So I rather
uninstalled it and just use gitk and git gui in other windows, and
launch GitExtenions time to time, while also run git commands from FAR
manager, and even have a python tool that autmates refreshing the
satellite repos.) If the issue will be fixed eventually, or another
integration emerges, I'll add it to the mix and use less of the
externals, the least used dropping out naturally.

Also, I've never seen anyone do anything with an IDE that I couldn't
do as well or better.

IDE is not supposed to be a silver bullet, but to save time wasted on
switching tools and views. I just HATE to see some piece of info on the
screen ad being forced to select, copy, paste it to some other place,
enriched with some commands instead of being able to just do it on spot.
And in work I have a ton of such activity.

(That's not proof, because most people seem not
to use their tools efficiently at all, no matter what the tools are.)

Yeah, Iwas pretty shocked to observe that with all those supposedly
excellent unix-based tools my colleagues (who were linux guru level)
could not do as much as walking a list of compiler errors with F4 --
instead had to do actions to open the related sources and navigate to
lines. :-((( I thought we left that behind in last century.

And guess we agree that being one pretty frequent activity.

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