Re: Urgently Required Computer Software Specialist

Victor Bazarov <v.bazarov@comcast.invalid>
Thu, 19 Jun 2014 13:48:34 -0400
On 6/19/2014 12:47 PM, red floyd wrote:

On 6/19/2014 6:21 AM, Stuart wrote:

On 06/18/14, Rajiv Gupta wrote:

I need your help to fill a Computer Software Specialist position

My Client is looking for an Application Specialist for one of our
clients in New Castle, Delaware. This is a contractual position for
six months Plus.

Position: Computer Software Specialist
Rate of pay: $50 to $55.00 per hour
Hours per week: 35 hours per week
Location : Delaware
Other details: US Citizen only
Duration: Least six months


[snipped awful long list of required qualifications]

Really? A measly 50 bucks per hour?

And I thought it was only us Germans who had to deal with a massive
oversupply of labor ...
Right now the rates would be at least 100 Euros per hour, 150 Euro not
uncommon. That would be four times what this guy is offering. This offer
must surely be a scam, am I right?


He's basically fronting for someone who wants to hire an H1-B at an
insanely low wage. If he can't get a US citizen to accept his bogus
offer, then the company he's recruiting for can use an H1-B worker.

"US Citizen only"? H1-B worker? Doesn't compute.

"Computer Software Specialist" does not really sound like they are
looking for a developer. Possibly they need somebody to do customer
installations or to test or both.

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