DeskBand Example?

"suckerformimi" <>
11 Mar 2007 15:08:19 -0700
Can anybody point me to an ATL IE DeskBand example that builds in
VS.NET 2005? I've been working from this MSDN article (Creating
Custom Explorer Bars, Tool Bands, and Desk Bands)

Unfortunately the example is incomplete, and my ATL isn't strong
enough for me to fix the problems that I'm running into. I tried
copying the source out of the MSDN article, but I get compile errors
on methods even though the arguments look fine. For example:

        if(!GetClassInfo(ghInst, EB_CLASS_NAME, &wc))

results in the error

c:\projects\visibleactivextest\toolbandtest\mytoolband.cpp(82) : error
'ATL::IProvideClassInfo2Impl<pcoclsid,psrcid,plibid>::GetClassInfoW' :
function does not take 3 arguments
            pcoclsid=& CLSID_MyToolBand,
            psrcid=& _GUID_6c1119c8_44b4_4f4a_889b_d75f782d179d,
            plibid=& LIBID_ToolBandTestLib

even though the arguments all look fine.

Briefly, here's what I've done so far:

IDL File:
    coclass MyToolBand
        [default] interface IMyToolBand;
        [default, source] dispinterface _IMyToolBandEvents;
        [source] interface IDeskBand;
        [source] interface IObjectWithSite;
        [source] interface IPersistStream;

..h file:
// CMyToolBand
class ATL_NO_VTABLE CMyToolBand :
.. . .
    public IDeskBand,
    public IObjectWithSite,
    public IPersistStream,

.. . .

    BOOL RegisterAndCreateWindow(void);

    STDMETHOD(GetWindow)(HWND *phwnd);
    STDMETHOD(ContextSensitiveHelp)(BOOL fEnterMode);
    STDMETHOD(CloseDW)(DWORD dwReserved);
    STDMETHOD(ResizeBorderDW)(LPCRECT,IUnknown *,BOOL);
    STDMETHOD(SetSite)(IUnknown *);
    STDMETHOD(GetSite)(const IID &,void **);
    STDMETHOD(Load)(IStream *);
    STDMETHOD(Save)(IStream *,BOOL);

Thanks in advance for any help here!

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