Re: how to implement MAP<std::string,TYPE>

From: (Carl Barron)
3 Sep 2006 11:14:05 -0400
Oscar <> wrote:

Ben Craig ????????? ?????????????????????????????????

It would be helpful if we knew a little bit more of the context of this
problem. My first guess at what you are trying to do would be a
factory function. If you are looking for a good factory function
abstraction, you may want to look in to Loki's Factory template ( ).

the cantext of this problem is:
when the server RECV the client's request ,it runs something ,i use the
COMMAND design
pattern,but how to create the concrete command?

client server
"foo" -> CFooCmd cmd;;
"bar" -> CBarCmd cmd;;

    it looks like server executes something like void run_xxx(); with
command string "xxx",

   typedef boost::function<void(void)> function_type;
   typedef std::map<std::string,function_type> map_type;

   map_type do_command;

   now the mapped_type can be a functon or a functor so if your command
classes are not really just created to run and destruct they can be
constructed and placed into do_command, if they are all similiar a
template wrapper can be used. etc

   so if the commands have an operator () () this will be excuted below.

   do_command["foo"] = CmdFoo();
   do_command["bar"] = CmdBar();

   if server recieves string str then
   it merely executes do_command[str]();

  function is in boost or tr1, there is a similiar Functor in Loki.
This may be modified to some other function<...> if all the commands
have the same signature [arity, arg typess , return typw]

class Commannder
     typedef boost::function<void(void)> function_type;
     typdef std::map<std::string,function_type> map_type;
     map_type do_command();
     Commander() {/* initialize map as above */}
     void execute(const std::string &cmd); // possibly const char *
         map_type::iterator it = do_command.find(str);
         if(it = do_command.end())
         // oops invalid command handle it.
         // execute it.

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