Re: Function Objects with Iterators

red floyd <no.spam@here.dude>
Mon, 12 Feb 2007 00:47:16 GMT
John Harrison wrote:

gexarchakos wrote:

template<class _TYPE> class router {
        // function to take the start and end iterators of a container
return a subset of them in a stack.
        // it decides using further inheritance which routing policy
will be
used for each message
        std::stack<_TYPE> operator()(iterator _begin, iterator _end);

template<class _MSG, class _CLK> class node { //this is a node
class with MESSAGE and CLOCK parameters
        // map holding node's neighbours and their expiry time
        std::map<node<_MSG, _CLK>*, _CLK> _fanin, _fanout;
        // function to produce a message ready to deliver with the actual
content, expiry and routing policy
        node<_MSG, _CLK>& produce(_MSG _msg, _CLK _clock, router _rout);


template<class _ITER>
class router
        std::stack<typename _ITER::value_type>
operator()(_ITER begin, _ITER end);

Both gexarchakos and John's code is improper. Any identifier with a
leading underscore followed by an uppercase letter is reserved to the

Use TYPE_, MSG_, CLK_, ITER_ instead.

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