Re: unresolved external symbol with static variable?

From: (Carl Barron)
Sat, 31 Mar 2007 09:30:51 CST
<> <> wrote:

  In the faq the authors says:
  "The map is typically populated during static initialization. For
  example, if file Ellipse.cpp contains the code for derived class
  Ellipse, it would also contain a static object whose ctor adds that
  class to the map: theMap["Ellipse"] = new Ellipse()."

  What is he trying to say here?

  Any help would be appreciated.

   I think he is saying create:
    // Ellipsis.cp
    #include "Ellispsis.hpp"
    #include "Serialize.hpp" // for extern std::map<...> theMap;

        struct add_to_map
                  theMap["Ellipsis"] = new Ellipsis();
        add_to_map foo;
   // impliment ellipsis don't use foo anyplace in this file
   // end of file

At least that is a literal translation.

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