Re: Source files for buildt-in containers in std?

=?ISO-8859-1?Q?Erik_Wikstr=F6m?= <>
Fri, 08 Jun 2007 16:41:26 GMT
On 2007-06-08 16:36, desktop wrote:

James Kanze wrote:

On Jun 8, 11:10 am, desktop <> wrote:

I have found the stl_tree.h for a red-black tree in:

But where is the .cpp source file located or are all the
implementation located in the .h file?

Who knows? It's up to the implementation. The path you give
suggests g++, in which case, there's probably a file .tcc
somewhere in the bits directory, with the actual implementation.
With a good compiler, however, one that implements export, it's
not even certain that the implementation is present on the
machine. And every implementation has its own strategy for
handling this when the compiler doesn't implement export. But
about the only time any of this is relevant is when you're
debugging the library yourself.

James Kanze (GABI Software)
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In the file stl_tree.h the rotate functions are declared:

   _Rb_tree_rotate_left(_Rb_tree_node_base* const __x,
                        _Rb_tree_node_base*& __root);

   _Rb_tree_rotate_right(_Rb_tree_node_base* const __x,
                         _Rb_tree_node_base*& __root);

   _Rb_tree_insert_and_rebalance(const bool __insert_left,
                                 _Rb_tree_node_base* __x,
                                 _Rb_tree_node_base* __p,
                                 _Rb_tree_node_base& __header);

But they are not defined. If they are not defined on my machine where
are they defined?

The implementation might be available only in binary form.

 > The reason I ask is because I have made my own

implementation of a red-black tree and would like to see the
"professional" version.

If you have access to a windows machine you can download and install
Visual C++ 2005 Express, there you can easily get to the implementation
by writing #include <map> in a project then right-click on <map> and
select Open Document <map>, then repeat for <xtree>.

Or you can probably find the SGI implementation with some googling.

I have tried to find a folder called g++ but I only have some binaries
starting with g++.

The folder is probably called libstdc++.

Erik Wikstr?m

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