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/* C++ Primer 4/e

* exercise 6.12, page 208
* write small programme to read a sequence of strings from
standard input
* looking for duplicated words. the programme should find places in
the input where
* one word is followed immediately by itself. keep track of the
largest number of
* times a single repetition occurs and which word is repeated . print
the maximum
* number of duplicates or else print the message that no word was
repeated. e.g for
* the input of:
* how cow now now how cow cow now now now how how
* the output should say: "now" occurs 3 times


Does not have

 #include <map>

Which is, IMO, the proper way to solve the problem described in the

If the task was to get the total number of occurrences of a word, then a
map would certainly be the best choice. But if asked for the number of
repetitions then I don't think that a map is a good choice, not even if
asked to count all repetitions. Maybe I missed something.

The propriety of the way depends on the knowledge the book assumes
accumulated by the time the exercise is presented. If 'std::map'
has not been discussed before chapter 6, it cannot be used, AIUI.

That's a good point which I didn't consider. BTW, I don't even know what
book is being discussed, I think there are at least two books with that

The other book, I believe, is called C++ Primer Plus, not the best
choice of name I agree.

Erik Wikstr?m

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