Re: Initializing a map...

red floyd <no.spam@here.dude>
Thu, 21 Feb 2008 00:59:05 GMT
Jeff Schwab wrote:

Sam wrote:

barcaroller writes:

Is there a way in C++ to initialize an STL map in one statement (the
way arrays can be initialized in C)?

For example, instead of using:

    map<type1,type2> mymap;
    mymap[key1] = value1;
    mymap[key2] = value2;

I would like to use something like:

    // wrong syntax!
    map<type1,type2> mymap = { (key1, value1), (key2, value2) };

You can subclass it, and define an operator function.

template<typename keyType, typename valType> class myMap
   : public std::map<keyType, valType> {

   myMap<keyType, valType> &operator()(keyType k, valType v)
       return *this;

You can initialize these objects as follows:

   myMap<int, int> z=myMap<int, int>()(3, 4)(5, 6);

.. and so on. You can use these objects anywhere std::map is acceptable.

Augh! std::map is a concrete type, really not meant to be publicly
subclassed. It hasn't got a virtual destructor, for example, so the
following causes undefined behavior:

Or you could use a proxy initializer:

#include <map>

template<typename K, typename V>
class map_initializer_proxy
     std::map<K, V> map_;

      map_initializer_proxy(const K& k, const V& v)
     map_[k] = v;
      map_initializer_proxy& operator()(const K& k, const V& v)
         map_[k] = v;
     return *this;
      operator const std::map<K,V>&() const
         return map_;
template<typename K, typename V>
map_initializer_proxy<K,V> map_initializer(const K& k, const V& v)
     return map_initializer_proxy<K,V>(k,v);

#include <iostream>
#include <ostream>

int main()
     std::map<int, int> m(map_initializer(3,4)(5,6)(7,8));
     for (std::map<int, int>::iterator it = m.begin();
          it != m.end();
              std::cout << "( "
                        << it->first
                        << ","
                        << it->second
                        << " )"
                        << std::endl;
     return 0;

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