Re: Why "Access Violent" throw when insert pair object into std::map

"Giovanni Dicanio" <>
Sat, 1 Mar 2008 00:47:48 +0100
<> ha scritto nel messaggio

 bool InsertCell(int nSign, CDataCell& objNewCell);

I would use a const reference, like this:

  bool InsertCell( int nSign, const CDataCell & objNewCell )

 std::pair<std::map<int, CDataCell>::iterator, bool> ret =
CDataCell>::value_type(nSign, objNewCell); //throw an error said
"0x000005, Access violent"

I don't like this long type declarations, IMHO they are not very readable.
I would prefer using typedef's to make things simpler and more readable,
like this:

class CADTNode

    // *** Map typedef ***
    typedef std::map< int, CDataCell > CellMapCollection;
    CellMapCollection m_mapCellCollection;

bool CADTNode::Insert( int nSign, const CDataCell & objNewCell )
     // *** Pair Typedef ***
     typedef std::pair< int, CDataCell > CellMapPair;

     // Insert into Map
     m_mapCellCollection.insert( CellMapPair( nSign, objNewCell ) );



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