Re: std::map

Victor Bazarov <>
Tue, 16 Sep 2008 11:39:24 -0400
Ashish wrote:

Is there something different for using std::map in visual studio 2008
I am using one map and inserting some data in it
std::map<const char*,data> mapname;
mapname.insert(make_pair("character string", data));

This add some data in map at index "character string"
but when i access this mapm from some other function i found the index
becomes corrupt.

In what way? IOW, how do you know it's "corrupt"?

 > it happens in VS 2008(vc9)

there is no problem in VS 2006(vc6)
please suggest what's wrong

Did you define a proper comparison functor for your map? Are you sure
the function from which you're trying to access the map refers to the
same data segment (is in the same module) as the function where you
insert that 'data'? Character literals are arrays, so they have
addresses and their addresses are relative to the data segment for the
module where you code your literals. I don't know of the correct
location, but do google for using standard containers in the API that
will be used across module (DLL) boundaries. There was some information
floating around about the dangers of doing that...

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