Re: typedef Syntax Error

Victor Bazarov <>
Fri, 31 Oct 2008 17:16:41 -0400
red floyd wrote:

On Oct 31, 2:01 pm, (Mike Copeland) wrote:

   I'm getting a syntax error on the "typedef" code line here. Any
thoughts on why? TIA

struct CSTYPE
{ // City/State Record
        string csKey; // City/State "Key"
        string csCity; // City
        string csState; // State Code};

typedef map<string, CSTYPE> CSINFO; // <=== error here
        extern CSINFO cityStInfo;
        extern map<string, CSTYPE>::iterator csIter;
        extern CSTYPE workCS;

1. did you #include <map> and <string>?
2. map and string live in the std:: namespace
3. Would you care to describe the specific error?

It's possible that his compiler does not allow the use of incomplete
types as template arguments, even in typedefs, and 'CSTYPE' is
incomplete at that point...

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