Re: Problem overloading operator= in a class

"Daniel T." <>
Sun, 20 May 2007 02:43:57 GMT
In article <>,
 Lilith <> wrote:

I have a class called Intersection which contains the following with
public access...

Intersection operator= (Intersection &i);

It's defined as...

Intersection Intersection::operator= (Intersection &i)
    this->ID = i.ID;
    this->x = i.x;
    this->se =;
    this->ss =;
    this->sw = i.sw;

If all your op= does is assign each member to its corresponding member,
then remove the op= from your class and everything will work.

BTW, the canonical op= is "Type& operator=( const Type& );" and
sometimes you will see, "Type& operator=( Type );" or even "const Type&
operator=( const Type& );"

Your signature is rather non-standard.

Can anyone see where my error is?

Your error is that you are not showing the code that fails to compile.
Note that the code below compiles fine.

class Intersection
   Intersection operator=( Intersection& i );

Intersection Intersection::operator=( Intersection& i )
   return *this;

void clearLandscape()
   Intersection temp;
   Intersection landscape[250];
   for (int j=0; j < 250; j++) {
      landscape[j] = temp;

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