Re: [Defect Report] shared_ptr and nullptr

Alberto Ganesh Barbati <>
Fri, 2 Nov 2007 09:37:53 CST
Just a couple more remarks:

Joe Gottman ha scritto:

   template <class D> shared_ptr(nullptr_t, D d);
   template <class D, class A> shared_ptr<nullptr_t, D d, A a);

     Requires: D shall be CopyConstructible. The copy constructor and
     destructor of D shall not throw exceptions. The expression
     d(nullptr) shall be well-formed, shall have well defined behavior,
     and shall not throw exceptions. A shall be an allocator (20.1.2).
     The copy constructor and destructor of A shall not throw
     Effects: Constructs a shared_ptr object that owns deleter d. The
     second constructor shall use a copy of a to allocate memory for
     internal use.
     Postconditions: use_count() == 1 and get() == nullptr.
     Throws: bad_alloc, or an implementation-defined exception when a
     resource other than memory could not be obtained.
     Exception safety: If an exception is thrown, d(nullptr) is called.

1) As the value of the (null) pointer is going to be eventually
converted to type T*, the expression that is going to be called in the
destructor will be d((T*)nullptr) rather than d(nullptr). Therefore the
expression that must be well-formed and that shall be called if an
exception is thrown should follow accordingly. This would make a
difference, for example, with this deleter:

  struct naive_deleter
    template <class T>
    void operator()(T* ptr) const { delete ptr; }

2) I actually like the "get() == nullptr" in the postcondition, but I
think we should keep a consistent style throughout all the clause. So
either we use the standard "get() == 0" here or we replace every "get()
== 0" to "get() == nullptr" all over the place. (For what it's worth, my
preference goes to the second option.)



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