Re: Are throwing default constructors bad style, and if so, why?

"Nevin :-] Liber" <>
Wed, 24 Sep 2008 09:07:15 CST
In article <>,
 Andrei Alexandrescu <> wrote:

But the File
object does not disappear! It only zeroes its internal file handle, such
that whenever an iterator tries to use it the closed state can be


In this system, whose responsibility is it to put in such a state?
Should the destructor do it, or would the compiler insert code after the
destructor to "placement new" a default constructed object in its place?

The reason I ask is if I have a simple object, such as

struct SomeFunctor
   SomeFunctor(State* state = 0) : state(State) {}
   State* state;

   void operator()(Var& var) { /* Do something */ }

it should not require the author to write a destructor, force the author
to use some kind of smart pointer to NULL it, etc., just to make the GC
system happy. Simple things need to remain simple.

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