How to workaround this tree implementation that breaks with Sun studio

Fei Liu <>
Thu, 02 Jul 2009 14:13:04 -0400
Hello Group,

  we have a template tree implementation that breaks on SunOS based on
#5, #6 in this note:

  The relevant code segment is this:

template <class Key>
struct _Tree_base_iterator
   typedef typename TreeNode<Key>::base_ptr base_ptr;
   typedef std::bidirectional_iterator_tag iterator_category;
   typedef std::ptrdiff_t difference_type;
   base_ptr node;

   void increment()
     if (node->right != 0) {
       node = node->right;
       while (node->left != 0)
         node = node->left;
     else {
       base_ptr y = node->parent;
       while (node == y->right) {
         node = y;
         y = y->parent;
       if (node->right != y)
         node = y;
   void increment()

template <class TT, typename Ref, typename Ptr, typename Key>
struct _Tree_iterator : public _Tree_base_iterator<Key>
   typedef TT value_type;
   typedef Ref reference;
   typedef Ptr pointer;
   typedef _Tree_iterator iterator;
   typedef _Tree_iterator<TT, const TT&, const TT*, Key> const_iterator;
   typedef _Tree_iterator<TT, Ref, Ptr, Key> self;
   typedef TreeNode<Key>* link_type;

   _Tree_iterator() {}
   _Tree_iterator(link_type x) { this->node = x; }
   _Tree_iterator(const iterator& it) { this->node = it.node; }

   reference operator*() const { return
static_cast<reference>(*this->node); }
   pointer operator->() const { return &(operator*()); }

   self& operator++() { this->increment(); return *this; }
   self operator++(int) {
     self tmp = *this;
     return tmp;

   self& operator--() { this->decrement(); return *this; }
   self operator--(int) {
     self tmp = *this;
     return tmp;

template <class Key, class TT, class Compare = std::less<Key> >
class Tree {
     typedef void* void_pointer;
     typedef TreeNode<Key>* base_ptr;
     typedef _Tree_color_type color_type;
     typedef Key key_type;
     typedef TT value_type;
     typedef value_type* pointer;
     typedef const value_type* const_pointer;
     typedef value_type& reference;
     typedef const value_type& const_reference;
     typedef TreeNode<Key>* link_type;
     typedef size_t size_type;
     typedef ptrdiff_t difference_type;

     typedef _Tree_iterator<value_type, reference, pointer, Key> iterator;
     typedef _Tree_iterator<value_type, const_reference, const_pointer, Key>

     typedef std::reverse_iterator<value_type, const_reference,
const_pointer, Key> const_reverse_iterator;
     typedef std::reverse_iterator<value_type, reference, pointer, Key>


Sun studio compiler has trouble with the reverse_iterator and
const_reverse_iterator typedefs,
Error: Too few arguments for template
std::reverse_iterator<ESMCI::_Tree_iterator<ESMCI::TT, const
ESMCI::TT&, const ESMCI::TT*, ESMCI::Key>>

This code works with standard conforming libraries. I am looking for
ideas that work around the Sun studio library problem. Let me know if
you need more info about this. Thanks,


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