Re: Most annoying aspects of C++

"Victor Bazarov" <>
Thu, 15 Jun 2006 10:15:15 -0400
Michael Hopkins wrote:

On 15/6/06 12:24, in article, "Daniel T."
<> wrote:

This has the makings of a flame war. You are asking the people who
love the language most to dis it... :-)

The "feature" I most dislike is wild pointers. The fact that they
can be created, and the fact that there is no language facility to
track them down.

Not looking for flame war here but genuine & open debate from people
who already use it.


My current list, for what it's worth:

Doesn't seem to be worth much...

- slicing & schizophrenic polymorphism

What's that mean? I am vaguely familiar with the term schizophrenia,
but how does it apply to polymorphism?

- what compiler does 'behind the scenes' with no documentation in code

Why do you care? And if you do care, couldn't you ask your compiler
vendor for that? You know, every compiler does different things there.

- the need for virtual destructors

Huh? What's the alternative? Virtual d-tors for every class? Or some
other RTTI mechanism to slow everything down?

- error messages from template (i.e. STL) code

What error messages? Are you confusing the language design with the
quality of the iplementation you're using?

These are more subjective but, I believe, valid and agreed with by

- arcane (sometimes dangerous) semantics in some cases that seem

Example, kindly please.

- when static-typing makes you 'jump thru hoops' to do something

To do what, for instance?

- the need to keep so many concepts & types in mind all at once
  creates unecessary complexity relative to the problem & reduces

As opposed to what?

Here is what I think of your current list
These are the most annoying aspects of cars, for what it's worth:
- need gas to run
- not enough room to carry all my belongings
- uncomfortable seats
- short warranty leading to expensive repairs later
- going too fast often leads to a speeding ticket
- not enough protection against crashes
- the need to keep many things in mind at once when driving

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