Re: Combining dynamic and static policies

"Abhishek Padmanabh" <>
27 Nov 2006 12:26:54 -0500
Jens M?ller wrote:

Well - I want the algorithm to be usable in both ways. With runtime
selection for testing etc., and with compile-time selection when someone
wants to use it for a fixed task and knows which version he wants.

Well, my idea was to make both possible. You wrote nothing specifically
directed on that idea. Maybe you could write what you think of it?

If by policies, you mean policies as in policy based design (modern c++
design - andrei alexendrescu) - I don't think it would be possible to
do anything dynamically with it. Policies are chosen at compile time
and they make the host class a completely different entity/type. What I
mean is, With the same host class, if I choose policy A for once and
policy B second, they would result in totally different classes.

To get behaviour at runtime, we would need polymorphic strategy
hierarchies. There would be a certain abstract MySpecificStrategyBase
and will have a pool of derived specific strategy implementations.

To me, they both are completely un-related design principles. I may be
short of knowledge to actually provide you with a bridge between those
but to me it looks like it may not be possible.

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