Re: C++ for C programmer

"mlimber" <>
13 Mar 2007 11:24:21 -0700
On Mar 13, 2:06 pm, "Bluejack" <> wrote:

On Mar 13, 8:44 am, "mlimber" <> wrote:

I'd suggest you get _Accelerated C++_ by Koenig and Moo. It will teach
you the right way from the ground up (and help you unlearn some of the
C practices that may hinder your C++).

If there are any C practices that need to be "unlearned" they are
probably bad habits in C, also.

Not necessarily. Standard string processing in C is done with
pointers, while in C++ it is done with std::string. The latter is
generally much safer. In C, generic types are handled with void
pointers, while in C++ static and dynamic polymorphism are used. In
fact, most of the things that need to be unlearned are related to
pointers and arrays but are the preferred way of doing things in C.
See this FAQ:

Compare also:

We could add to the list declaring objects in as small a scope as
possible and only when they can be initialized (C makes you declare
your variables at the top of scope, perhaps before sensible
initialization is possible), using exceptions rather than return
codes, and relying on RAII for resource management. I'm sure there are

Cheers! --M

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