Re: Stroustrup 5.1 Pointers

"Jim Langston" <>
Mon, 26 Mar 2007 09:25:03 -0700
"arnuld" <> wrote in message

at the very beginning of the chapter, i see some statements i am
unable to understand. i know the "Pointer" takes the address of a
variable, useful if, in case, we want to manipulate that variable as
each Function gets its private copy of arguments:

char c;

char** ppc; // what is the use of "pointer to pointer"

Used for dynamically allocated 2 dimentional arrays, or as a parameter to a
function that wants to change where the variable is pointing to.

int* a[15]; // why it is necessary to have "an array if pointers"
instead of array of "int"

This could be a 2 dimentational array with the 2nd element dynamically

int (*fp) (char*); // we can call a function by using its name, then
why "pointer to a function" here.

In C and sometimes C++ it is sometimes useful to call a function through a
pointer. Is a type of rudimentary polymorphism. Also used as parameters
for callback functions.

int* f(char*); // i am unable to comprehend this.

This is declaring a function f that returns a pointer to an int and takes a
char pointer as a parameter.

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