Re: Confused .. What is happenning here

"James Kanze" <>
28 Mar 2007 06:34:46 -0700
On Mar 28, 2:08 pm, "mliptak" <> wrote:

On Mar 28, 12:44 pm, "Erik Wikstr=F6m" <>

On 28 Mar, 12:25, wrote:

I am new to C++ and was just reading about polymorphism. I tried to
write a very simple program. Then a curious thought came into my mind.
And instead of using pointer in polymorphism, i used a reference. And
both of them printed the same thing.
I want to know what is going on under the hood.

Polymorphism. Polymorphism is independent of pointers or references
(but you must use them to make it work). And as you see it works just

No, you don't need pointers nor references in order to invoke member
functions polymorphically.

I'm not sure what you're trying to say. Dynamic polymorphism
only occurs when the dynamic type of an object can differ from
the static type, and in C++, that pretty much means pointers or

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