Re: How to avoid complex switches?

"Alf P. Steinbach" <>
Sun, 28 Mar 2010 20:21:37 +0200
* Leigh Johnston:

The problem is the variable's value is only known at runtime whilst
the template argument must be known at compile time leading to an
intractable problem. Answer: don't use templates for this; use
polymorphism perhaps instead.


And for the pedants out there yes I know templates are a form of
polymorphism but you know very well that I am referring to subtyping.

You don't need to fear on that account.

In C++ "polymorphic class" refers to a class with at least one virtual member
function (e.g. in discussions of dynamic_cast).

It's much more difficult to convince novices that there is such a thing as
static polymorphism... ;-)


- Alf (pedant)

PS: It's amazing how revealing dicussions about terminology are. I'm guessing it
says something negative about me, but every time I read someone objecting to a
reasonable use of a term, as if there was only 1 meaning cast in stone and the
text should be grokkable by robots programmed only with that meaning, I'm
thinking "danger! moron attack!". And most often that turns out to be the case,
for those who are less intellectually challenged have other things to discuss...

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