Re: Am I misusing std::vector?

"kanze" <>
12 May 2006 07:53:41 -0400
Zara wrote:

On 10 May 2006 16:58:17 -0400, "loose AT astron DOT nl"
<> wrote:

I was surprised by the output of the program below. From what
I understand from the C++ STL documentation,
vector<T>::resize(N), will create N *newly constructed*
objects of T. So, I expected *v[0].ip to be equal to 0, and
*v[sz-1].ip equal to -77. However, I discovered, using a few
different compilers (two different versions of gcc, and icc),
that both return -77. It turns out that only *one* object is
being constructed and this one object seems to be bitwise
copied to the other members. See my code below and try it for
yourself. Am I missing something here?

As Josutti's "The C++ Standard Lilbrary" states in a simple

c.resize(num) : Changes the number of elements to num (if size()
grows, new elements are created by their default constructor)

Which is false. (I'm surprised that Niko would make such an

In the standard, the same is told by 23.4.2(6) when expressing
the Effects of resize with some lines of code:

void resize(size_type sz, T c = T())
if (sz > size())
    insert(end(), sz-size() , c);
else if (sz < size())
  erase(begin()+sz, end());
  ; // do nothing

(Sorry iof there are any typos, just copied it from the
pribnted copies I have)

Which is not at all the same thing. In the standard, the
default constructor is NOT used -- there is no requirement even
that the object have one.

So there are no doubts: old elementas are kept if they still
fit within the new size, and new elements are created with the
supplied/default value.

New elements are created by copying the second parameter. Using
the copy constructor.

His copy constructor didn't work correctly, which is where he
had a problem. The fact that it manifested itself in
std::vector, and not before, is probably indicative that he
isn't doing adequate unit testing. You don't write code putting
an object into a standard container before having tested that
its copy constructor and its assignment operator work correctly.

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