Re: Dos and don'ts in C++ unit testing?

"Daniel T." <>
Wed, 14 Feb 2007 21:23:46 CST
"Rune Allnor" <> wrote:

"Daniel T." <> wrote:

"Rune Allnor" <> wrote:

As far as I can tell, "test suites" are computer
programs that test other computer programs. This seems very
intriguing, but I can't find any clues about how to write those test

I sent you an email with a simple testing framework and example of use.

It will probably bounce. The address in my posts has been obsolete
for a few years now. Is your email address valid? If so, I'll send
you a mail with a valid address.

Yes, my email address if valid, but my spam blocker will trash your mail
unless you put the word "sheltie" in as part of the subject.

Send your address to me and I'll re-send the framework and example. It's
something I use for hobby projects of my own and sometimes for small
professional bits.

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