Re: Where to get the best (Microsoft?) C++ certification?

"Victor Bazarov" <>
Mon, 18 Jun 2007 11:16:52 -0400
JPK wrote:

Victor Bazarov wrote:

JPK wrote:
Please believe this: your knowledge of C++ cannot be "perfect". There is
no person in the world whose knowledge of C++ is such. None. Any C++
certification you can obtain is usually not worth the
paper it's printed on. Stop looking for one, your time is more
valuable, start working on a project instead.

wow, interesting idea! So , you are saying, that proof of working
(finishing) in projects is more valuable than papers?

Yes, that's what I am saying. It's off-topic here, however. Do you
have a C++ language question?

But, dont you
agree, that if one gets a very good Microsoft C++ test papers, it has
some value?


At least it means, that you know all the theory around
C++ (like you know all the STL classes, you know what is inheritance

Doesn't mean anything except there is an online dispenser of papers
with some words printed on them, among which you can find "C++".

btw. I do have 3 years working experiece, but there is a 5 years gap.

<shrug> So?

What do you think is best to do to get a good CV?

Good honest work.

 You might say:
"Start to work as a C++ programmer"...but... the problem is, that I
cannot get a job becouse of my gap.

<shrug> Were you in a coma? You don't have to answer. Get what you
can, support your aspirations, work on educating yourself in the mean

Of course start working as a
programmer is best, but the problem is that I cannot get one!

Get something close, like in a QA department. Or Technical Support.

studying (getting a paper) might be the solution to prove that I
have the skills. What do you think?

You can look for papers or you can look for work. Either way you're
going to have to invest time and effort. I am saying that looking for
papers is far less productive use of your time.

Again, this is all off-topic. Find yourself a recruiter and talk to
him, they know more tricks that can land you a decent job soon.

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