Re: Compatible codes for both Visual Studio 2005 and gcc

 James Kanze <>
Mon, 24 Sep 2007 09:08:44 -0000
On Sep 24, 3:59 am, "Phlip" <> wrote:

James Kanze wrote:

I always configure these scripts to trigger automatically when I save
the files in my editor.

You mean you can't save partially edits? I tend to save any time I've
written two or three lines of code; long before I've gotten anything wh=


will compile. (Save early, save often, as the man said.)

The goal is saving and testing as often as possible, and
correctly predicting the result of each test run. I expect you
could correctly predict a syntax error diagnostic if that's
what's coming...

The thought actually occurred to me after posting that you do
know why your saving; e.g. whether you're saving just to be
sure, or because you've finished some particular micro-step in
the development process. And of course, it's not too difficult
to just ignore the errors in the first case.

It also occured to me that most modern editors take frequent
snapshots, detect crashes, and offer the possibility of
restoring from the last snapshot, so the "save early, save
often" rule might be a bit outdated (but if you've programmed
for any length of time on older systems, it does become an
ingrained habit).

And of course, the two editors I know (vim and emacs) both allow
you to define new commands, so you could also define two "save"
sequences, one which triggers the make, and one which doesn't.
In fact, that's exactly how I work in vim: the command ":make"
triggers the save with recompilation (and my makefiles do invoke
the unit tests, unless I specifically invoke them with a target
that doesn't), whereas ":w" doesn't---as I said above, because
of extensive experience on unreliable systems, I tend to invoke
":w" every ten or fifteen keystrokes.

And not really related to this thread, but... Since you seem to
use unit tests even more intensively than I do, how do you
handle the case where the full unit tests take minutes, or even
hours? I have the case in some of my UTF-8 code, where for
practical reasons related to the internal implementation, I want
to hit at least one character in every block of 64 before
releasing the code for other components to use. On one of the
machines I use, this results in a unit test of several hours,
and of course, in my personal iterations, internal to the
component, I probably don't need to be this thorough: one
character of each length would suffice, with a few added limit
cases. So how do you handle a case like this? Because it's
driving me up the wall.

James Kanze (GABI Software)
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